How to Find Hrisi Akti

The Hrisi Akti taverna is located on the beautiful sandy beach of Mikro, which is one of the most charming hamlets in the Pelion peninsula. It is very easy to reach Mikro. Upon leaving the city of Volos, you will take the beach road and follow the road signs towards the village of Argalasti.

You will pass through Argalasti and at the end of the village, you will reach a junction. You will take the road to the left and head towards the village of Lafkos. Upon passing through Lafkos, you will follow the road towards Platanias. After a short distance, you will see a sign pointing the way for Mikro. You must follow this route. If you go past, you will end up in the nearby village of Platanias, from where there is no direct access to Mikro, apart by foot along the road that separates the two beaches.

When you reach Mikro you will drive down to the beach and park your car. We are located at the end of the beach on the north end.

Below you will find a map showing our position on the beach of Mikro. To navigate around the map or to zoom in or out, simply use the controls on the left side of the map.